I support people experiencing a range of personal challenges, such as anxiety and depression. These and other challenges may impact you at home and/or the workplace.

I am particularly interested in 'developmental trauma', where from conception to now, events have chipped away at your way of being in the world. Developmental trauma can be difficult to make sense of, as your life may appear 'normal'.

There are many ways challenges and difficulties may appear to you. For example, you may

  • find it hard being in and maintaining close relationships
  • have a sense of 'not really being here'
  • have a constant worry such as 'getting it wrong' or 'being found out'
  • be overly compliant and find it hard to say 'no'
  • be constantly busy
  • feel really angry or frustrated at those around you
  • feel flat and rudderless in life's waters
  • have turned to alcohol or other forms of addiction to make your world seem easier

Whatever it is, you are likely to be missing a sense of peace.

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