I have chosen the spiral, or the ‘Koru’ as my symbol of a psychotherapeutic relationship. It is in this relationship that there is a possibility of ‘making sense’ of your life and making space for new growth. Also the journey we embark on together, often seems to spiral around as topics are explored.

Koru: Derived from the unfurling fern frond, the spiral represents new beginnings, growth, harmony and the promise of a meaningful relationship.

The room I work in a Humanistic and Integrative way. This means my core training is based on the work of Carl Rogers, with an extremely rich and diverse training of other practitioners, such as: Freud, Jung, Klein, Buber, Hycner, Jacobs, Perls, Stern, Kohut, Winnicott, Bowlby, Erikson, Reich, Lowen, Stolorow, Atwood and Orange.

A humanistic approach assumes that you are able to direct your own growth, given an attentive, supportive and reflective environment. This means an attention to whatever you bring: past, present or future.

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